A Call to Action For Emergency Care Around The World

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A Call to Action For Emergency Care Around The World

The recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa brought the need for emergency care around the world into sharp focus. Say’s Dr Micheal, however, this isn’t the only crisis that requires a collaborative response from healthcare professionals around the globe. Other ongoing health emergencies include MERS-CoV, Zika virus and yellow fever. When an epidemic breaks out or a natural disaster strikes there are many things you can do as a physician who cares about global health:

Access to emergency care saves lives.

Emergency care is a basic human right and a public health issue. Access to emergency care saves lives every day, but it must be available to everyone, everywhere.

Emergency rooms are the front line of medical care in many countries—they are the first place that patients with serious illnesses or injuries can turn when they need help most. However, emergency departments across the world are underfunded and over-stretched due to lack of staff, equipment and drugs. This means that people who require urgent treatment often have trouble accessing it when they need it most.

Emergency care services around the world are under threat.

As you may know, emergency care services around the world are under threat. In many countries, emergency care services are either being cut or privatized. Moreover, funding for emergency medical service is not being allocated properly.

The Global Emergency Care Collective is working to increase access to emergency care.

The Global Emergency Care Collective (GECC) is a group of healthcare professionals and advocates for the promotion of emergency care around the world. Their mission is to decrease death and disability due to injury caused by lack of access to emergency care, which they believe can be achieved through education and advocacy.

The GECC’s efforts include:

  • disseminating information about best practices in patient safety in health systems that are limited by financial constraints or geographic remoteness
  • engaging in global advocacy for increased investment in health workforce development and training programs for emergency medicine professionals.

How can you support emergency care?

  • Donate to the Global Emergency Care Collective.
  • Volunteer for the Global Emergency Care Collective.
  • Support the Global Emergency Care Collective by promoting their work, especially on social media and within your own community.

To make a difference, you can take action by donating, volunteering and supporting teamwork.

Making a difference in the world around us can be as easy as donating money to someone in need, or even just lending a helping hand. You could also volunteer your time to help people who aren’t as fortunate as you are.

Of course, there are many other ways that you can support emergency care providers. You can spread awareness about emergencies and how they affect people globally by sharing this article with others via social media or emailing it out to your friends and family members.

The more we work together toward our common goals, the better chance we have at making a real difference in emergency care throughout the world


The Global Emergency Care Collective is a non-profit organization that aims to improve access to emergency care around the world. I hope this article has given you some insight into our cause and encouraged you to join us as we work towards our goal of improving access to quality emergency care services across the globe. Our aim is simple: we want every person who needs emergency care treatment in their community, no matter where they live or what language they speak, to get help when they need it most.

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