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The purpose of this website is to talk about Dr. Michael Hilton, emergency medicine doctor based in New York. On this site, you can view a full bio for Dr. Hilton, as well as his experience in emergency medicine and current information on the subject, which is one of his areas of expertise.

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This site was made to provide more details about Dr. Michael Hilton and to serve as a source of information that can assist those with an interest in learning more about emergency medicine. Dr. Hilton has been a leader in the field for more than a decade, and he has gained invaluable experience over his career. If you want to find out more about Michael, head over to the About page to check out his full bio or, to get in touch with Dr. Hilton, you can head over to the Contact page and reach out through the form located there.


Dr. Michael Hilton

dr michael hilton

Medical Doctor, New York, NY

Dr. Michael Hilton served as the Medical Director for Sollis Health for three years, and is now working with a startup company called NYC Therapeutics. He earned his Doctorate in 2009 from the University of Pittsburgh, then received his Master of Public Health degree in 2014. He always continues to advance his knowledge in the field, and regularly attends programs and seminars regarding emergency medicine.


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Dr. Michael Hilton is an expert in emergency medicine. He has over a decade of experience in the field, and worked as Medical Director for Sollis Health in New York. To get in touch with him, you can just fill out the form located on the Contact Page, and Dr. Hilton will be sure to respond to your message as soon as possible. If you are interested in learning more about Michael,you can head to the About Page and there you can check out his full bio and list of experiences.

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This site is home to loads of information about emergency medicine geared toward anyone with questions or who simply wants to find out more about the field and how it runs. You can view a wealth of advice and helpful tips in our Blog Archives, and it all comes directly from Dr. Hilton. With all of his experience and certifications, Dr. Michael Hilton possesses tons of knowledge in the field. You can learn more about your emergency medicine options with the articles found in our Blog.


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Simply get in contact with Dr. Michael Hilton to learn more about emergency medicine. Anyone in the field or anyone who wants to connect or network with Dr. Hilton, or anyone who has any professional opportunities to collaborate on, should feel free to reach out to him through the form on the Contact Page, and Michael will get in touch with you shortly.


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